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DVD - The Undermount Sink from Start to Finish - instructional DVD

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DVD 2:

Fabricating Stone DVDs
This "how to" video is the second in our series of 3 for fabricating granite for the do it yourselfer. In this video we take the slab that we put the contoured and polished edge on and show the start to finish process for fabricating it to accomodate an oval undermount sink. We also show the process for fabricating a rectangular undermount sink with rounded corners. This video teaches the layperson how to fabricate and polish the sinkhole, how to drill the spigot holes, how to mount and support the undermount sink and finally how to install the counter and backsplashes to a cabinet.

The sink we used for this video is the ceramic type sink which is actually adhered to the granite countertop. It is not the installation of the stainless undermount sink, which is far easier.

This is NOT a 6 hour video compressed down to 32 minutes, but rather a 50 minute video which shows the completion of the counter project. This instructional DVD teaches almost anyone to fabricate an undermount sinkhole and to install a beautiful stone counter in very little time with the help of the right tools - tools which we are prepared to sell you at the same prices we sell them to our construction accounts.

Back to the video, we took a piece of 2 cm thick granite which is 5' long and a little over 2' deep. We already had a 45 degree bevelled edge that was polished (courtesy of the first video) and a laminated front edge. We then proceed to cut and polish the sinkhole, drill the spigot holes, install the counter with backsplashes and mount the undermount sink with support brackets.

If you have always wanted to make a bathroom or kitchen granite countertop then this video is a "Must See", allowing you to make high quality stone pieces that will last forever!

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