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My father, Dennis Hoskin, started supplying blades to concrete cutters and stone yards in NSW back in the 80's. He passed on to me a wealth of knowledge since his days with Ausbit, and as a result we have a fantastic range of diamond blades that work really well in Australian conditions and materials. Our best sellers include 9" sandstone blades, and 5" granite blades, as well as our ultra-thin turbo blades for porcelain tile. We stock a huge range of sizes and types, to suit any material or machine. We also constantly update our products to make use of the latest technology in diamond tooling.

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J-Slot Porcelain Blades

Continuous Rim Blades

Reinforced Thin Turbo Blades

Segmented Saw Blades

Electroplated Diamond Blades

Glass and Mosaic Cutting Blades

Contour Blades

Tuck Point Blades

Crack Chaser Blades

Granite Turbo Blades

Sandstone Blades

Milling Wheel

Segmented Turbo Flush Cut Blades

Electroplated Flush Cut Blades

Carver Blades

Bridgesaw Blades

Bricksaw, Handsaw and Roadsaw Blades

Ringsaw Blades

Flush Cut Blades

Turbo Saw Blades

Diamond Jigsaw & Sabre Saw Blades

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