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ABACO Ratchet Seam Setter Mk2 70200


$418.00 inc GST

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The Abaco Ratchet Seam Setter M1 provides a quick and easy solution for accurate and safe positioning of countertops. The tool is lightweight and simple to use. No other device is this fast and convenient. A knob allows precision vertical adjustments.

With the M2 Seam Setter, your countertops will be perfectly joined and level. With a large, 203mm footprint suction cups, our Seam Setter is strong enough for the required tasks. This Seam Setter has two leveling points to create level joints.

Model NumberLength RangeWidthHeightW.L.L.Net Weight
70100510 - 584220mm254mm60kg6kg
70200425 - 465250mm250mm60kg7kg

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